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Arches Watercolour Paper - Cold Pressed - 56*76cm - MNG - 2494
Arches Watercolour Paper - Cold Pressed - 56*76cm - MNG - 2494

Arches Watercolour Paper - Cold Pressed - 56*76cm - MNG - 2494

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SKU MNG - 2494
  • 100% cotton and natural gelatin sizing. Mould made.
  • Professional archival quality. Excellent strength and durability. Internally and surface sized.
  • Contains an anti-microbial agent to help resist mildew. Acid free and buffered.
  • Ideal for Watercolour, mixed media, drawing, pastel and acrylics. 4 deckle edges.
  • Watercolour Cold Pressed Paper. 300 GSM
Brand Arches
Product Description
The paper Arches Aquarelle is the global standard watercolor paper. This is a 100% cotton paper of the highest quality. Manufacture on the old round shape gives it a natural and harmonious grain, near the handmade paper. This process allows the fibers to be distributed homogeneously making the resistant paper and limits its deformation. He can relax evenly when wet. The Arches Watercolor has a unique bonding natural gelatin, providing unparalleled scratch resistance and exceptional color rendering. Arches watercolor paper is available in all three legendary watercolor paper finishes. Hot Pressed papers are plate smooth and are ideal for traditional watercolor techniques, as well as printmaking, pen and ink drawing and airbrushing. The rich Cold Pressed surface is a particular favorite of illustrators, watercolorists and airbrush artists. For a bolder more robust surface, Arches Rough provides just enough texture allowing for easy working and strong enough to maintain its character even after reworking. The Rough texture is also used by watercolorists, airbrush artists and acrylic painters.

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