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Edding 1455 Calligraphy Marker - Black

Edding 1455 Calligraphy Marker - Black

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  • Edding 1455 Calligraphy Pen - Black
  • Line thickness: 1 - 5 mm
  • Ink: Water-based pigment ink
  • Ready to use immediately
  • Brand Edding
    Product Description
    Elegant calligraphy-style handwriting isn’t just for paper and card. With this calligraphy marker and its flexible nib it is also possible to create beautiful calligraphy on porous, absorbent surfaces. With this pen you can turn a simple piece of wood into a personalised welcome sign in a flash, decorate a terracotta plant pot with the name of the plant it contains, or let your creativity loose on canvas or directly on a wall. Furthermore, because of its flexible nib and the resulting soft writing sensation working with this calligraphy marker is a lot of fun. ? The marker has a line thickness of 1 to 5 mm and a flexible nib that makes writing a pleasure. Its pigmented ink is waterproof and light-fast on almost all surfaces. The ink flows from the nib in a broad ribbon of colour, but despite this does not bleed through the paper. A total of five colours are available that coordinate harmoniously with each other. The marker is ready to use straight away.

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