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Derwent Inktense Pencils - Set of 36 - MNG - 268

Derwent Inktense Pencils - Set of 36 - MNG - 268

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  • Derwent inktense pencils are used dry but once mix with water the colour turns into vibrant ink.
  • Once it dries the colour is fixed and you can work over the top of it.
  • Derwent inktense pencils are used on fabric such as silk and cotton!
  • The 36 colours includes Violet, Iris Blue, Bright Blue, Deep Indigo, Sea Blue, Teal Green, Apple Green, Field Green, Leaf Green, Mustard, Baked Earth, Willow, Bark, Charcoal Gray, Ink Black, Antique White, Sienna Gold, Cherry, Red Violet, Mauve, Peacock Blue, Iron Blue, Iron Green, Ionian Green, Felt Green, Tan, Saddle Brown, and Indian Ink.
  • Brand Derwent
    Product Description
    Inktense drawing pencils are Derwent's best water-soluble pencil ever! You can use them dry but mix them with water and WOW! the colour turns into vibrant ink. Derwent Inktense Pencils are as versatile as regular watercolor pencils, with a firmer texture that allows them to perform with the brilliant intensity of traditional pen and ink. Use them individually or mix colors together to create rich, subtle tones for bold, expressive drawings. The soft leads allow for quick lay down of vibrant color, and they can be used dry or washed out with a little water to create a vivid yet translucent effect. Lift color off of the end of the pencil to strengthen the tonality of your work. And, if you need to soften it, apply dry color over drawn areas. Create texture by flicking color off the end of the pencil using a wet brush. Once dry the color is permanent and can be worked over with other media. Inktense pencils are perfect for a diverse range of art, from Japanese Manga to vibrant silk painting, traditional watercolors to stunning botanical illustrations. A color tab at the top of the pencil matches the core color for easy identification. And, they’re presharpened, so you can get to work right away!

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