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Finetec Iridescent Colours "High Sparkle" - Set of 6

Finetec Iridescent Colours "High Sparkle" - Set of 6

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  • These highly transparent iridescent colours appear nearly transparent on a light background and they shimmer magically or fairy-like depending on the point of view and incidence of light.
  • n a dark, preferably black surface, they show their exceeding colourfulness combined with an extraordinary glitter effect.
  • highly transparent on light background, magic colour effects with extraordinary sparkling effect on dark surfaces
  • highly pigmented with only one pigment per colour tone, high lightfastness, excellent solubility, excellent resistance
  • Mixing fields in the lid exchangeable colour pans
  • Brand Finetec
    Product Description
    This Finetec Artist Mica Watercolor Iridescent Paint Set of 6 High Sparkle colors is made of mica, a natural product. The set offers a wide variety of metallic shades from gold and silver to iridescent, pearl shining colors. The paint can be dissolved with water and applied with a brush. The set is ideal for creating special effects and highlighting. The colors can be blended. Colors adhere to all absorbent surfaces such as paper, wood, gypsum, etc. The set includes White, Gold, Red, Amethyst, Blue and Turquoise.

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