Every now and then you need to gift someone in your office on various occasions. Be it on their birthdays, farewells, house-warmings, festivals, or even when being a Secret Santa! You need to always think about what exactly you should gift your coworkers. We understand, you don't want to repeat your gifts and want to stand out from others, and sometimes from your own self. This might seem a not-so-boggling situation at times, but can be worrisome (and tiring) when you ran out of ideas. Enters Mango Art and Stationery!

Our offline and online store, both are stuffed with all the exclusive yet pocket-friendly gifts you can always rely on and gift them to your coworkers and friends and family! You can find all the products related to art and craft, till schools and office stationery. Back to your office where you are probably sitting on your chair, searching for a gift idea for your coworker, here are the perfect pocket-friendly gifts you can give to your coworkers:

  1. 2021 Mini Calendar

    This eye-pleasing desk calendar is the perfect gift you can give to your coworker. With its mini and fancy size, it amalgamates perfectly with the office desks. It's more of a decor item than a calendar, in any which way, will be loved by your coworker. Plus, it comes in various colours, so choose what resonates with your colleague's persona and help him/her to never miss any dates! (no pun intended)

  2. Wooden Photo Frame

    Photo frames will be a common sighting, as we all know, during gift unwrapping sessions. But this wooden photo frame will surely stand out among others. You may ask how? This wooden photo frame is peculiar in itself as it is an art of impeccable craftsmanship designed ideally for home and office! The flawless design will not only be loved by your coworkers but your boss as well!

  3. Planner

    As covered in our previous blogs, a planner is damn important in today's professional as well as personal life. It adds the required dimension for your day-to-day purposes. Gift him/her the perfect versatile planner he/she always mentioned while having a conversation with you and keep him/her motivated for life (even after you guys no longer work together in the future, they might still have the planner with them!).

  4. Fountain Pen

    If you are gifting a planner, there's a no brainer you should couple it up with an eye-catching fountain pen. Its full metal design ensures longevity and its high-end tech designed quality gives the writer a unique writing experience. And it's easily recyclable with bottled inks. Be it writing in a planner or just his/her random thoughts, he/she will always be relaxed and comforted while using this pen.

  5. Electrical Fragrance Vaporizer Lamp

    Speaking of comfort, working from home these days can be tiring. Why not gift him/her this electrical fragrance lamp! Unlike a candle based vaporizer, this electric-based lamp is unique in its own way as it warms the vaporizer electrically and sets a relaxing ambiance around the room. This, in my opinion, might be the best gift you can give to your coworker owing to the hectic life we all are living in!

  6. Paperweight

    No one likes a messy desk with a chaos of papers! This elegant paperweight comes to your rescue with its attractive look subtly suited to serve its purpose and a handy decor. Gift this fancy paperweight and help your coworker to organize his/her desk. Its multiple colour variants help you to choose according to his/her favorite colour needs. Do check out all the variants and then choose the best one you think he/she will love!

  7. LED Table Lamp

    Although the covid vaccine is launched, we still don't know when we all will be working from the office. And that's why a table lamp is best suited to work from home conditions. It's long-lasting plus rechargeable. Gift him/her this lamp and see how valuable it will turn out amongst other gifts!

    Seems like this won't be a tedious task after this read! Gift any of the above without any further thinking as this custom-made list will ensure they will definitely love your gift. Till then, stay tuned for more amazing content!

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