Imagine this problematic situation you have been through many times but haven't thought intensely about the solution. It's your artist friend's birthday. You need to buy him/her a gift. But alas! You are confused about what exactly you should gift them. Ikr! I can understand your dilemma.


An artist lives in an abstract world. They see this world with a different pair of creative eyes and a mind filled with unrealistic yet creative dimensions. So, it's quite difficult for a normal person to enter this unimaginative world of theirs and to find out what exactly they would cherish when you gift them. If 'to be an artist requires creativity,' I must admit, 'to give an artist also requires a lot of creativity.' And to help you with this creative process, I have some insightful tips which would help you to tackle this situation once and for all. There are tons of options available for you to browse on our online store. You can check out our store where we have all sorts of art and craft materials one needs in his/her life. And still if you are confused what you should give to your artist friend, here is the list of some of the best ones your artist friends will love you for:


  1. Brush pens

    This would be the best gift I would suggest if you want to give an extra edge to their artistic life. If your friend likes to create new things out of the box and has a knack of Calligraphy, brush pens are a saviour! Add these pens along with a sketchbook and you would have a perfect gift for your bestie!

  2. Canvas board

    If your friend is a painter and paints mesmerizing sceneries, he/she would be obliged for the rest of the year if you gift him/her a bunch of canvas boards! A canvas board is always handy when someone wants to spill their colours on the canvas and create something beautiful out of the blue!

  3. Mug

    You must have seen various art-related things at your friend's house. Indeed, they love to keep such things and be around them. Pick a beautiful mug from our online store and gift them the best one that will suit their persona! Mugs are clichéd yet personification of a strong bond, never miss them when gifting someone.

  4. Apron

    This is the most helpful tip you will ever receive from an artist - gift your artist friends an apron and they will be relieved from their artistic problems! Trust me, being an artist is messy, yet beautiful! Let the beauty remain and help your friend to save his/her time from cleaning up things. Whenever he/she spills a colour on your gifted apron, they will live in your reminiscence and will thank you always!

  5. Sketch book

    Which artist would not be happy when she/he receives a sketchbook as a gift? Honestly, a sketch book is always the best gift you can ever give to your friend if you don't have anything in mind. A portable sketch book is always in need to an artist whenever and wherever she/he goes. So pick up any sketch or watercolour book and you are sorted for life (at least for that year!)

  6. Colour pencils

    No one hates colour pencils - and that's that. Be a child, a teenager or an adult, everyone loves to play with colour pencils! Every artist is always on a hunt for colour pencils. For them, it's like - the more, the merrier. Not always but, most-of-the-time's nemesis in an artist's life is the scarcity of colour pencils! Yes, every now and then, you would find your friend whining about a particular shade he/she won't have. And that's where your gift comes into play. Hand them a set of Koh-I-Noor Polycolor Artist's Coloured Pencils from our store and keep them away from their whining :p

  7. Calligraphy set

    If your friend loves Calligraphy or wants to start learning it, this is the best time you can gift them this Calligraphy set! Combine it with a bunch of brush pens mentioned above, your calligraphy pens would be a cherry on the cake!


All in all, gift something which would add more beauty to their chaotic life (remember, chaos is beautiful!) To be honest, you can ask them directly what they want, and they would be more than happy, but our online store gives you ample choices to select from and this read would have definitely helped you in narrowing down the choices. And if you are still wondering how you would give your gift amidst this pandemic, our stationery store provides home delivery too. So till then, stay safe and stay artistic!