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Why should you use a daily planner in 2024?

Why should you use a daily planner in 2024?

In a world full of chaos, there needs to be a place where you will find your inner peace, where you can be on your own, where you can talk with yourself. Amidst our hectic life, we often wonder - if we get some spare time in our hands, we would do the things we love. This includes anything and everything - from joining a yoga class to drawing a sketch which we had in our mind since ages! We just think but we don't inculcate these things into action. We mostly blame the time, but it's really us who spend this time carelessly, browsing the social media apps unknowingly after waking up, between work, before sleeping, while travelling, etc. Someone said it aptly - Time and tide wait for no man (applies to a woman too!) So, does this mean we won't be able to fulfil our needs anytime soon? The trouble is, we think we have time, but that's not the case. In a world full of people who float like a cloud aimlessly in the sky, be a bird who can control itself where it can fly. And this is where a great daily planner comes into action!


Having a planner in 2024 is far more important than anything else I can think of to be on track - Everyday! As Robin Sharma says, "Writing on a daily basis offers you the opportunity to have regular one-on-one conversations with yourself." Writing about yourself and your daily chores helps you in many different ways you can never think of. Here are the top reasons why you should use a daily planner in 2024:


  1. To stay on track with your purpose.

    Often we think about our destiny but forget about the journey. How uncommon is that! Most of the people aim for their goals but they don't take the required steps to be on track. Jotting down your short-term goals along with your long-term goals in your daily planner helps you to take the necessary actions on a daily basis. Each day, write the steps required to reach your destiny and follow that religiously. This way you are aware of your main goal and won't be distracted with any other trivial things. You should live your journey rather than worrying about your destiny. And a planner acts as a catalyst to reach where you want to be!
  2. Say goodbye to procrastination.

    Admit it, we all procrastinate in one or the other way. If you are really serious about your life and you really wanna do something in life, you need to be strict with yourself. And for that, you should say goodbye to procrastination, because that is the one thing between you and your life goals. You need to write down your daily schedule on the daily planner and make sure you stick to it no matter what. It's like a small to-do list for you. At first, it would be hard owing to your daily social media habits, but once you gain control on your own life by being strict on yourself and following your planner, there's no turning back!
  3. To keep track of appointments and dates, a no-brainer.

    Be it your dentist appointment, yoga class or your friend's birthday party, you won't miss any of them if you have your daily planner with you. You might think what's the need for a planner if Google helps you to remember all this? Definitely, we all now have access to the Internet,  but in the plethora of notifications, we often quite miss such things. If your teeth or your friend is that important to you, having a word regarding them in your planner is definitely worth it. In a planner, while reading about your friend's birthday party, you won't be disturbed by a Spotify premium ad!
  4. To manage your professional and personal life.

    Setting your priorities is damn important in today's life, be it in professional or personal life. You should be able to list down all the important meetings beforehand in your planner so that you won't miss any of those. This is a sign of being a professional person where you are known for how punctual you are. Same goes with your personal life. It's a man's duty to never forget what his wife told to bring while coming back from his office (and vice-versa). Otherwise, you know the consequences!
  5. Health benefits - to decrease your stress and increase your dopamine levels.

    Writing is a form of meditation. Writing down things helps you to reduce stress. Write your thoughts and what you would like to do in your planner on a daily basis. This will help you to understand your own self. Also, working in accordance with your planner and seeing your goals in completion one by one increases the dopamine levels in your brain, which in turn keeps you happy, stress-free most of the time.
  6. To stay away from technology.

    You must not be aware but our eyes and brain are constantly in front of digital screens! Digital revolution was a thing in the past. We are beyond that now and on the verge of saturation where we would experience the adverse effects of technology, if not today. Right from seeing the alarm screen in the morning to reading a book on kindle, our eyes are strained due to the constant exposure of light. Writing in a planner, even for half an hour, can keep you away from those tech screens. You will be you when you are with your planner. Sometimes living the proverb - 'Old is gold' is a necessity.
  7. To face your inner self.

    Your planner book can be a great source of inspiration for you in 2024. Try inculcating this habit of writing down each and everything which inspires you on a day to day basis. At the end of each week or each month, it will be a collection of your thoughts, your own inner self! Some things in life inspire you to a greater extent and if you take note of them and put your energy pouring into your planner, these things will be with you literally every day, living with you each day and one fine day - you become the source of inspiration for others!
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