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Free Shipping on Order above INR 699/-

Lana - Lanaquarelle

Lana paper mill’s origin dates back to 1590, when it was founded by master paper maker Demenge Harlachol. The current paper mill is set up on the banks of the Muhlwasser in Strasbourg, France. The high-quality water supplied by the deep wells provides optimum conditions to produce excellent paper.

Lanaquarelle is the jewel in the crown of the Lana Fine Art Paper range. Their master papermakers manufacture this acid free, pH neutral, 100% cotton rag watercolour paper in the old-fashioned way, adhering strictly to traditional techniques. Manufactured on a cylinder mould and gelatine bonded, working with this paper makes every watercolour moment a real pleasure. The manufacture of paper on the cylinder mould gives it the look and feel of handmade paper, but with much better consistency.

The sheets come with 2 side deckle edges & the blocks consist of 20 sheets and are glued on all 4 sides. Lanaquarelle is extremely forgiving and is sized in the vat and then after the sheet is formed, to give it tremendous strength and colour hold out. It is ideal for wet on wet work as well as dry brush techniques. The paper is ideal for watercolour, wash drawing, gouache, acrylic, pen & ink. It is also suitable for Inkjet, Intaglio, Silkscreen, Letterpress, Offset, Serigraphy, Pastel & Charcoal. The sheet has gained enormous popularity amongst printmakers as a result of not being heavily sized and works incredibly well for flatbed lithography, intaglio and serigraphy.



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