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Unlock a Free Palette with your ₹5000 Purchase! 🎉

CASIO - Calculator (FX-82ES PLUS-BLUE)

by Casio
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Key Features

  • 10 + 2 digits
  • 252 Functions
  • Sleek Design with curved edges which makes it compact & easy to carry.
  • Natural Textbook Display
  • Combination and permutation
  • Statistics ((List-based STAT-data editor, Standard deviation, Regression analysis)
  • Table function
  • Comes with slide-on hard case


Features & Specifications

Model Name FX-82ESPLUS-2BU
Number Of Digits 10 + 2 digits
Display Type Natural Textbook display - Input and display fractions
and other mathematical formulas and symbols just as they appear in textbooks.
Power Supply Battery Powered
Plastic Key Designed and engineered for easy operation.
Number Of Functions 252 Functions
Basic Function • 10 + 2 digits
• Natural Textbook Display
• Statistics ((List-based STAT-data editor
Standard deviation
Regression analysis)
• Fraction Calculation
• Table Function
• Prime Factorization
• Metric Conversions
• Complex number calculations
• Integration/differential calculations
• 9 variables
• Exponent functions
Logarithmic functions
• Power functions (square root
cubic root
• Coordinate conversion (Pol
• Combination/Permutation (nCr
• Factorial
Random numbers
Random sampling of an existing list
• Logical operations
• Hyperbolic functions
Inverse hyperbolic functions
• Base-n calculations/conversions
• Angle unit
Angle unit conversion (Deg
• Trigonometric functions
Inverse trigonometric functions
Hardware • Battery - AAA X 1(R03)
• Plastic keys
• Comes with slide on hard case
• Sleek Design with curved edges which makes it compact & easy to carry.
Coordinate Conversion Dedicated keys to convert polar coordinates to rectangular coordinates and vice versa.
Angle Unit Degree Radian Gradian Specifies degrees
grads as the angle unit for value input and calculation result display.
Minute Degree Seconds Aids in sexagesimal calculations with respect to decimal conversion.
Dimension 161.5×77×13.8mm (D × W × H)
Warranty Years 3 years
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