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Unlock a Free Palette with your ₹5000 Purchase! 🎉
Unlock a Free Palette with your ₹5000 Purchase! 🎉

CASIO - Calculator (MC - 12M)

by Casio
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Original price
Rs. 595.00
Rs. 595.00 - Rs. 595.00
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Key Features

  • Change Function
  • Cost,Selling Price & Margin
  • Angled Display
  • 12 Digits
  • Grand Total
  • Solar & Battery


Features & Specifications

Number Of Digits 12
Power Supply Solar powered when light is sufficient
battery powered when light is insufficient.
Grand Total Calculate Grand Total of all your previous Calculation
Backspace to clear input error
Off Key Dedicated Key to Switch off the calculator
Memory Key Memory function helps you to do calculation in parts
and wants to save result of previous calculation for later use .
Mark Up All the mark-up capabilities of an adding machine for simplified cost and profit calculations.
Key Rollver Key operations are stored in a buffer
so nothing is lost even during high-speed input.
Mark Up Calcualtion %” key gives quick access to prices and profits
and also delivers add-ons
ratios and increase/decrease values.
Plastic Key Designed and engineered for easy operation
Change Change function for simple calculation of payment amount and change
Dimension 144X112X38.6
Warranty Years 3 years
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