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Unlock a Free Palette with your ₹5000 Purchase! 🎉
Unlock a Free Palette with your ₹5000 Purchase! 🎉

Fevicryl - Acrylic Colour Jar 100ml

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  • Mix these paints on the medium of your choice and use them on different surfaces From paper, ceramics, glass, and wood - your choices are endless.
  • You can use these to paint terracotta and even coaster.
  • Acrylic paints are stronger, brighter, and more versatile than traditional acrylics
  • Different colours make you experiment with different artistic styles and create truly unique art
  • Create textured paintings and artwork with just one stroke.
  • The colours leave behind a long-lasting glow after they are finished become easier to clean up after your work.
  • Since these paints are washable, you can safely use them whenever you want.
  • Fevicryl Acrylic Colours: They are the most asked questions by those who love art & drawing! Fevicryl is a most loved brand that sells washable acrylic colours, glass colours, 3d outliners, professional kits, etc., for artists. Fevicryl acrylic colours are made of non-toxic substances majorly designed for 'Hobby Painting.' Irrespective of your experience with art, you can use these colours even on porous surfaces as they are not harmful. Wood, fabrics, canvases, and earthenware are some of the surfaces where these colours are used. Once painted, they provide a lustrous & beautiful surface.
  • Textured Paintings: The fevicryl colours are used to create beautiful paintings of different textures.
  • Terracotta Painting: Bring life to the clay mixed with sand terracotta, diyas, & the coaster using these colours. The old-age decorations at home are now easy to build with a few pennies.
  • Home decors: The home looks incomplete without decorative stuff like pots, clocks, wall hangings, etc. The fevicryl acrylic colours give them a fresh outlook, matching with the home colours & bed sheets.
  • Fashion Accessories: Whether it's your boots, belts, handkerchiefs, bracelets, necklaces, goggles, etc., the colours add a new glow & appearance to them.
  • Clothes: Girls love the funky look, don't they? Say bye to the old wardrobe without purchasing new clothes. But how? Using the fevicryl colours, you can give a new Avatar to your clothes like skirts, tops, t-shirts, jeans, etc.
  • Exhibitions: The art & craft industry portrays various crafted items during exhibitions that use acrylic colours for unmatched final results. You will see multiple abstract paintings displayed on the wall that use such high-quality colours.
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